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Streamline your crypto ventures with 1st Accountants, your go-to hub for NFT and exchange accounting, legal guidance, compliance checks, CFO services, and expert crypto tax advisory.

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Streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency in managing your crypto.

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CFO Service​

Maximize transparency and efficiency in your crypto transactions with our specialized Crypto Exchange Accounting Service.

Tax Mitigation Solutions

Explore effective tax mitigation strategies tailored to your crypto ventures with our specialized solutions.

NFT Accounting

Elevate your NFT investments with precision and clarity through our dedicated NFT Accounting service.

Crypto Tax Advisory

Navigate the complexities of crypto taxation seamlessly with our tailored Crypto Tax Advisory.

Our Best Service

Introducing CryptoShield, our premier service offering unparalleled security features and proactive risk management to safeguard your crypto assets with peace of mind and confidence. Experience the epitome of reliability and protection with CryptoShield, your ultimate defense in the world of digital finance.


For individuals seeking tailored crypto solutions, CryptoSage provides personalized guidance and support to navigate the complexities of the digital asset landscape seamlessly.

Crypto Secure

Crypto Secure ensures your digital assets are fortified with cutting-edge encryption and proactive security measures, safeguarding against potential threats in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.


Incorporating cutting-edge technology and expert insights, Crypto Secure offers robust protection solutions to fortify your digital assets against emerging.


Outsourcing your security needs to Crypto Secure ensures comprehensive protection for your digital assets, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of safeguarding your cryptocurrency holdings.

Crypto Ease

Crypto Ease simplifies your journey into the world of cryptocurrency, offering intuitive tools and user-friendly interfaces to streamline buying, selling, and managing digital assets with ease and confidence.


For corporate entities, Crypto Ease provides tailored solutions designed to streamline cryptocurrency transactions, optimize asset management

1st Accountants

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Always on Time

Reliably prompt and efficient, we ensure timely solutions for all your crypto accounting and tax needs.​

Hard Working

Reliably prompt and efficient, we ensure timely solutions for all your crypto accounting and tax needs.

Reliable & Low Cost

Count on 1st Accountants for reliability and affordability. Benefit from our low-cost solutions without compromising on security or efficiency, ensuring your crypto journey is both dependable and cost-effective.

24/7 Service

Accessible round-the-clock, we're here to support you with our services whenever you need us.​

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Streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency in managing your crypto.

Why Should You Choose 1st Accountants

Choose 1st Accountants for a tailored crypto experience, where every transaction is seamless and secure, backed by expert guidance and personalized service. Experience the future of finance with 1st Accountants, your trusted partner in navigating the exciting world of cryptocurrencies with confidence and ease.

Financial Freedom

Embrace crypto for unparalleled financial freedom.

Global Accessibility

Join a borderless financial ecosystem.

Security Reinvented

Trust in cryptographic protocols for enhanced security.

Innovation Hub

Engage with cutting-edge technology.

Diverse Opportunities

Explore a plethora of investment avenues.

Payment Gateway

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Community Empowerment

Become part of a vibrant community.

Future-proofing Wealth

Safeguard assets against inflation and economic instability.

Our Company Timeline

Embark on our company’s journey through innovation and milestones. From our inception as a visionary startup, we’ve evolved into a trusted name in the cryptocurrency landscape, continually pushing boundaries and setting new standards.


1st Accountants Leads the Way

A Year of Cryptocurrency Revolution and Market Resilience.



Navigating Crypto's Evolution with 1st Accountants


Financial Freedom

Empowering Financial Freedom with 1st Accountants



Pioneering the Future of Finance with 1st Accountants

Crypto Tax FAQS

Explore our comprehensive Crypto Tax FAQS, offering clear answers and expert insights to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency taxation with confidence and ease, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for every investor.

Gain clarity on global crypto tax regulations with our comprehensive guide, navigating the intricate landscape of cryptocurrency taxation across borders with confidence and accuracy, ensuring compliance and minimizing tax liabilities.


Navigate UK crypto tax regulations seamlessly with our specialized advisory services.

Unlock the intricacies of cryptocurrency taxation in the US with our comprehensive guide, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations and optimizing tax strategies for your digital asset portfolio.

Our Clients Reviews

Our clients have consistently praised our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and expert guidance in navigating the complexities of crypto accounting and taxation.

Arthur Lee


Exceptional service! Cryptoexcise’s team provided invaluable support in navigating complex tax regulations. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured our compliance and peace of mind. Highly recommend!

Trish Foster


Impressed by their dedication and prompt responses! Cryptoexcise helped us optimize our tax strategy, resulting in significant savings. Their personalized approach and clear communication made the process seamless.

Leo Jackson


Outstanding team! Cryptoexcise guided us through the process of establishing our legal structure with expertise and professionalism. Their proactive advice and tailored solutions set the foundation for our success.

Becky Doe


Highly reliable! Cryptoexcise’s team has been instrumental in streamlining our workflow and enhancing efficiency in managing crypto transactions.

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